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Sunday, April 18, 2004

A9 Site Info: Alexa in a Pop-Up

When you do a search in A9, there is a Site Info button following many listing. Hover your cursor over the button (Microsoft Internet Explorer only) and you get a succinct summary of facts about the listed site. (If using other browsers, click the button.) The information comes from Alexa.com, a site that, like A9 is owned by Amazon.com.

Using a search for “dmoz” as the example, hovering over the Site Info button for the first search result reveals:

Open Directory Project
Traffic Rank: 207
Sites that Link here: 71,143
Speed: Fast (0.9 seconds)
Online since: 01-Aug-2000

People who visit this page also visit:
Lycos, Inc.

Clicking on the Site Info button takes you to dmoz.org page at Alexa.com.

Alexa was founded in 1996 and purchased by Amazon.com in 1999. It uses its own search engine and the results of millions of users of the Alexa toolbar to compile statistics on Web site use, including traffic and linking patterns. Alexa has donated more than 200 terabytes of information on Web usage history to the Wayback Machine, an Internet archive holding more than 30 billion Web pages.


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