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Friday, June 04, 2004

"Clicked 3 minutes ago"

I'm working on a rush writing project, and I realized I needed some background information. Whereas in the past I might have used Yahoo! or Google, A9 was the better call this time because of Amazon.com's wonderful Search Inside the Book feature. So, I'm working with various combinations of search terms, and on about the third search I notice a note in brackets beside the URL for one of the search items on the Google side:

[Clicked 3 minutes ago]

What a nice little surprise! If this is something A9 has been doing from the start, I had not noticed before. How is it possible? Remember, A9 is about recording your search topics and patterns. The cynic says it is for the purpose of selling stuff to users, but by remembering my searches, A9 is able to remind me that I've already visited a site.

This clever little addition to the search returns saved me from not recognizing that I'd already been to the site. I don't have a fast connection to the web, making this bit of information even more valuable.

Thank you, A9!


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